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Bremsscheibe Jeep ZJ hinten STOPTECH
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GCX Coated Brake Rotors by StopTech with Elemental Protection™ feature a partial GEOMET® coating on the friction surface to ease bed-in and a full coating on the rotor vanes to prevent corrosion while promoting efficient rotor cooling. GCX rotors offer class-leading application coverage as well as superior protection from corrosion and rust. GCX rotors have been engineered to restore OE performance while offering maximum durability and extended service life.
Like many StopTech rotors, GCX Coated Brake Rotors offer several key advantages over stock rotors:
GEOMET® Coating - Partial friction surface coating results in 10% faster pad bed-in; eliminates corrosion rings on friction surface.

Double Disc Ground - Double disc grinding eliminates run out and allows more effective pad-rotor break in.
Machined Finishes - 100% fully machined finishes provide better rotor balance and a more finished look.
Symmetric Vanes - OE style vane designs provide proper heat transfer and thermal efficiency.